Welcome to the online home of Baha Juniors Football Club.

Our mission is to make the Bahamas a hot bed of football. We are committed to making Baha Juniors the Premier Club in Nassau. We like football played the proper way, with skill, with energy, with sportsmanship and most importantly fun!  For example, look how much the human fly is enjoying himself in this picture!

Joking aside, if you want to be part of a great sporting experience, then get in touch with us today. We can't promise you'll win the World Cup, but we do promise you will have a blast, make friends and realise that getting out as much as you put in feels great!

We can make you a better player if you put in the effort- but even we can't perform miracles! Players with attributes such as the goalkeeper on the left should be reported to the referee for having a potentially unfair advantage.

Come and join the biggest amateur football operation in The Bahamas. Youth players of all ages are welcome, we have a Men's team playing in the National League and we always welcome aspiring Coaches with a love of the game!

You can see we're an organisation for fun, to make you a better player and to promote football in the Bahamas.  But you don't have to look as closely as the centre forward in the blue shirt!!

As you can see, football is a competitive, passionate sport and we encourage players to express themselves in a positive but fair manner. Make a choice you won't regret and get involved today!